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For more information about the course, please use the contact form below.

Alternatively, for more details about the “Basics of PLM” course, please contact the Course Instructor, John Stark at


To enrol in the Basics of PLM course, please follow these five steps, using the contact form below.

Step 1
Please enter your name and e-mail address in the first two fields.

Then enter the following information in the Comment field:
a) your country of residence
b) your company name (if your company will pay for your participation)
c) the billing address (company or home)
d) your preferred Course session (e.g., May 2023 session)
e) your preferred method of payment (credit card or bank transfer)

Submit the form.

Step 2
We will confirm receipt of your request.
If necessary, we may ask for clarification of some points, such as method of payment.
From experience, most people prefer to make payment with a credit card. In this case, we will send an invoice through PayPal. Payment can be made with Visa or Mastercard.
From experience, most companies prefer to make payment by bank transfer. In this case, we will send an invoice by e-mail with bank details.

Step 3
We will send you the invoice.

Step 4
You make payment.

Step 5
On receipt of payment, we will confirm receipt and the start date for your session.
A few days before the course start date, we will send you: course information; your username; your password.





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